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Farmyard in action!, originally uploaded by Annaelizc.

Realised I had not yet posted a pic of the Alan Dart Farm animals complete so had to do this first before starting my NaBloPoMo!

Here they are the last time Boo was playing with them, there are more cows in the cowshed and another horse in the stables which you can’t see on the piccy. There are some chickens and a duck missing! Must be in their room somewhere.

I am halfway through another sheep but haven’t done any of it in a while.

Also Boo has requested a black duck as there are black ducks at the farm we visit and he wants one for his farm.

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Handmade Stitch Markers, originally uploaded by Annaelizc.

I’m so pleased with these! They took seconds to make from some bits and pieces in my sewing box. I just made them quick as I needed them for a pattern I was knitting.

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Knitting needle Roll, originally uploaded by Annaelizc.

I desperately needed a knitting needle roll. I had a HUGE bag of needles which my mum gave to me (thank u 🙂 ), some were marked with imperial sizes, some where metric and some were US. Therefore everytime I wanted a different size needle I was searching through the bag for ages. So, despite feeling ill (Moos germs) I decided to make an extremely quick/rough attempt at one. The sewing is awful! I’m not very good on a sewing machine at the best of times but today I was more than awful. I wasn’t too bothered about how it looked as long as a) it sorted my needles out and b) it was done super quick so I could lie back down!

It has room for long needles/short needles/dpns/crochet hooks (and my circular needles fit in as well but have not put them in yet.

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Graveyard Cake!, originally uploaded by Annaelizc.

With all the decorations and dressing up for Halloween Boo decided it must be someones birthday and so we ‘had’ to have a cake! So we made a ‘graveyard cake’.

It is plain and chocolate sponge marbled together covered in chocolate and richtea bisuits decorated with black writing icing for the gravestones!

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new charms, originally uploaded by Annaelizc.

Nothing completed this week, so I decided to show off my silver charm bracelet as I have had two new charms for it today.

I had it when I was christened and had a few charms as I was growing up, then started collecting them again at the beginning of this year when I discovered Split rings (hold charms on – no need for solder) and THIS amazing website! It has lots of different charms. However I have a ‘childs’ bracelet, so am limited which ones I can have and have to stick to the smaller ones (less than 2g in weight).

I have:

A Star – a present from Boo as he loves stars!

A Stork – A present with the bracelet when Christened (also think there was a heart which I lost!)

Clogs – A present from my Aunt (how also bought the bracelet) from a holiday

A Bunny – A present from Moo as it is identical to his comfort toy!

Mum – A Present from Boo & Moo for mothers day this year

Cat – In memory of my cat Willow who died suddenly this year

Owl – Another present from my Aunt (how also bought the bracelet) from a holiday

Victorian Boot – Present when I was young not sure who from

Garnet Heart – Valentines Day gift from Mr W

Yarn & Needles – Present from me to me because it was too cute not to!

Lobster – Present from Mr W because I’m his lobster! (Remember Pheobe in Friends???)

Ballerina – Present from my Mum & Dad years ago

Donkey – a cornish Donkey which was belonged to my mum

Welsh Lady – Present as a child no idea who/where from

Paint Tray and Roller – Present from Mr W to symbolise him!

Today I have added the wool & knitting needles . I have 15 charms now, I think I can fit 25 on. I would still love a camera, a flip flop, the initial A, a cornish pixie and a needle and thread, then I may progress to a ‘adult’ bracelet!

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september 2009 004, originally uploaded by Annaelizc.

My original plan was to make a fold out farmyard bag to go with the knitted animals for Boo’s 3rd Birthday. However his Nan decided to buy him a wooden farmyard so I abandoned that idea and decided to just make a storage bag for all of the animals and the detachable parts of the farm yard.

I shall be posting pictures of the finished animals as soon as I round them all up! They have proved to be very popular with both Boo and Moo and even Mr W’s 8yr old son has even spent a lot of time playing with them!

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