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Two Left Feet! , originally uploaded by Annaelizc.

Yes I know they are both left feet! I started these Mary Jane Bootees and thought the first one looked a bit small so I tried them again on needles one size up, although they do not look a lot different in the photo I am a lot happier with the slightly bigger one!

I am going to make another style of bootee as well for the same baby and decorate a box to put them in.


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WIP Golf Club Cover, originally uploaded by Annaelizc.

My Current WIP is a set of Golf club covers for Mr W.

The pattern I have is from Ravelry here, however he doesn’t want the symbols, he wants a ‘Wolves’ badge as in the Wolverhampton Wanderers football logo like this (Just the black wolves head not th border):

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Not sure if it achievable yet as the pattern is for symbols done in ‘duplicate stitch’ and I have never attempted intarsia? So will have to see! Any tips?

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Patches!, originally uploaded by Annaelizc.

A long overdue quilt update!

Since making a plan for my quilt I have progressed a lot better and now have some ‘flowers’ to show you.

I have been concentrating mainly on the blues, but did a couple of red ones as well.

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Here’s this weeks update of my farmyard animals! These are the finished ones, I have a couple of others which are waiting for eyes/other bits sewing on! Still a long way to go but I’m getting there. When I actually make the time to sit and concentrate on it it doesn’t take long at all to make each one.

More Farmyard Frolics by you.

Not the best photo as I was lying on the floor covered in glue, trying not to mess my camera up or get any (more) glue on the carpet!

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I have about 35 animals to make and about 6 weeks to do it in. So far it has taken me a week to make one. Well, not a week really, more like a couple of hours, just been so busy with the house that I have not had chance to do much sitting down and knitting!

But here he is anyway! My first cow. Cute isn’t he?

Daisy the cow by you.

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This is my biggest/ most ambitious project yet! I am making a Farmhouse/Farmyard and animals for my toddlers 3rd Birthday.

The farmhouse will be quilted and have a carry handle. It will store all the animals inside to carry around, but also fold out flat to make a farmyard to play with the animals on. I have no pattern for this!! It is just something I have ‘made up’ in my head and seemed a good idea at the time. It will be recycled as well! I will be using a cot bumper and the cover of his old playnest.

The animals are knitted and from pattern by Alan Dart called ‘Farmyard Frolics. I only have half of them at the moment and am waiting for his book to arrive with the rest of the patterns in.

I am starting with the horse, which so far seems not too difficult. I had never increased stitches before and have done three rows of increase without too many problems (had to undo one row!).

Farmyard Frolics Part 1

Farmyard Frolics Part 1

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Last night I decided to get some patches made up of 3 seperate fabrics so I could start to get an idea of what this quilt is going to look like. I only managed 20 patches (had a lot of competitions to enter – but thats for my LJ not here! also running out of hexagons!) but it was enough for 3 flowers, I’m not definitely decided that the finished quilt will be set out in flowers like this, possibly a large diamond surrounded by flowers, need to plan everything yet. But here it is!

More quilt progress by you.

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