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A new craft

It’s been a while!

Just thought I would share a picture with you, I mentioned so much on here that I was desperate to learn crochet. I finally have! Well, I have learnt to make granny squares so far, but everyone has to start somewhere right?

I am attempting a blanket inspired by the colours in my Ikea Lusy Blom Rug


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Paper Snow Flakes, originally uploaded by Annaelizc.

Tutorial for these is HERE

I love these paper snowflakes, unfortunately from my dodgy picture you can’t really appreciate how big they really are, but as it takes 6 A4 pieces of paper that gives you an idea.

They are a nice alternative from the ones we usually make from one folded piece of paper with bits cut out, although they are too advanced for boo to help with, so he just had to watch while Mummy had all the fun.

I would quite like to make some smaller ones out of nice sparkly white paper for my white tree.

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Home Made Thank you card, originally uploaded by Annaelizc.

Here is my first ever attempt at a home made card! Don’t think it is something I will be doing regulary, as I think there are certainly things I am better at.

(Hopefully it gets to you both before you see it one here!lol!)

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Making our ‘Frosty’ Autumn Tree, originally uploaded by Annaelizc.

We have turned our ‘Halloween’ tree into a Frosty Autumn Tree, instead of a bonfire tree!

We collected lots of nice autumny leaves and then painted them (yes I know why spoil the lovely colours but Boo insisted on getting the paints out!) then added lots of glitter as ‘frost’. I does look very pretty in my dining room, however think it is going to disintegrate fast.

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Oragami Hearts, originally uploaded by Annaelizc.

They say ‘you learn something new every day’ and that is certainly true this week. Here are some oragami hearts I learnt to make using this video here for one of my mission 101 challenges.

(Also this week whilst knitting my mary Jane bootees I have learn to ‘make a stictch using backward loop method’, ‘slip, slip, knit decrease’ and yarn over’ so am very pleased with myself!!)

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I was asked to make a friendship bracelet for someone and even though I used to make them ALL the time, I just could not remember how to make the ‘V’ shaped ones. I spent forever searching the internet for a tutorial, so I thought I would put a link on here to the downloadable ‘how to’ sheet I found, in case there are other people out there looking!

The Link is here and you need to scroll down to friendship bracelets and click ‘download’ where you will get a really usedful sheet to print off 🙂



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Last year I made my toddler a pair of these Baby leg/arm warmers and he wasn’t impressed at all! However, now the hot weather is here I decided to find them out for my 11 month old to wear with a vest so he can stay cool but still crawl around without getting sore knees! He loves them so much, and my toddler has now decided he likes them as arm warmers with a t-shirt so looks like a trip to the Pound store to get some more knee high socks to make more! Here is is wearing them with his PJs.

Hand made Baby Leg warmers by you.

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