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England Cake, originally uploaded by ****Anna****.

Boo and Moo LOVE parties! So…we decided to have a world cup England party and every party has to have a cake….so bearing in mind Boo has Mastocytosis and can’t have any colourings or non-artificial red colouring, this is what I came up with!


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Shrinkles!, originally uploaded by ****Anna****.

A while ago now (actually probably a year ago!) I won a huge supply of craft items. Included in this was a pack of Shrinkles. I have looked at them a few times and thought Hmmm They look fun! but never really known what to do with them. Then whilst searching for a keyring to put on my work scissors in an attempt to identify them as mine stop them getting pinched I thought why not make one.

The results were much better than I expected. You just colour them in, cut them out, add a hole for a key ring and them put them in the oven for a few mins! The result is a very cute little plastic charm 7 times smaller and 7 times thicker than you started with…..now what else can I use them for……

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As much as I love cooking and as much as I love breakfasts…I don’t do cooked breakfasts…Thats Mr Ws job! In the abcense of him to make me one here is my pityful attempt! No beans…no fried bread…no black pudding!

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Image posted by MobyPicture.com

Ok so its not as crispy as in the oven…but Chicken done in the slow cooker is fab! Everyone should try it!

Just put your chicken in the slow cooker and leave on high for about 4hrs or until it is cooked right through Gorgeous! and such an easy Sunday Lunch.
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88. Pollenta = Horrible, originally uploaded by ****Anna****.

Well, I have always wondered what it was like…Made it….seasoned it very well…added lots of herbs and garlic….tasted AWFUL!

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89. Choc cupcakes, originally uploaded by ****Anna****.

Due to now being a student and a mummy, time for creativeness is harder to come by, so as a quick creeative fix, I decided to make cupcakes with Boo…nothing exciting or special to look at..but still chocolatey and yumminess!

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52. Ta-Da!, originally uploaded by ****Anna****.

We made some papier mache today…have no idea what we will turn them into…possible planets…possibly heads for people!

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