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Knitting needle Roll, originally uploaded by Annaelizc.

I desperately needed a knitting needle roll. I had a HUGE bag of needles which my mum gave to me (thank u 🙂 ), some were marked with imperial sizes, some where metric and some were US. Therefore everytime I wanted a different size needle I was searching through the bag for ages. So, despite feeling ill (Moos germs) I decided to make an extremely quick/rough attempt at one. The sewing is awful! I’m not very good on a sewing machine at the best of times but today I was more than awful. I wasn’t too bothered about how it looked as long as a) it sorted my needles out and b) it was done super quick so I could lie back down!

It has room for long needles/short needles/dpns/crochet hooks (and my circular needles fit in as well but have not put them in yet.


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Patches!, originally uploaded by Annaelizc.

A long overdue quilt update!

Since making a plan for my quilt I have progressed a lot better and now have some ‘flowers’ to show you.

I have been concentrating mainly on the blues, but did a couple of red ones as well.

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september 2009 004, originally uploaded by Annaelizc.

My original plan was to make a fold out farmyard bag to go with the knitted animals for Boo’s 3rd Birthday. However his Nan decided to buy him a wooden farmyard so I abandoned that idea and decided to just make a storage bag for all of the animals and the detachable parts of the farm yard.

I shall be posting pictures of the finished animals as soon as I round them all up! They have proved to be very popular with both Boo and Moo and even Mr W’s 8yr old son has even spent a lot of time playing with them!

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Finally a plan, originally uploaded by Annaelizc.

Finally I decided to make a plan for my quilt, colour not exact but I know what it means!
Black = Chocolate Brown
Blue = Various different Blues
Green = Lime & Sage Greens (Various Patterns)
Pink = Various Red Patterns

I used hexagon graph paper downloaded from here

Now I have a plan I realise that I don’t need anywhere near as much of each fabric as I originally thought!

My plan now is to make up the flowers first them add all the chocolate patches when I make it all up.

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I have just taken part in a Newbies Swap on Swapbot and have received an absoultely wonderful profile surprise from Ilona!

A Pig Needle book!!! I love it so much it’s perfect, I love sewing and do not have one.

It’s so cute, here are some pictures:

My fab Piggy Needlebook from Ilona on Swapbot by you.

My fab Piggy Needlebook from Ilona on Swapbot by you.

Thank-you Ilona!

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Last year I made my toddler a pair of these Baby leg/arm warmers and he wasn’t impressed at all! However, now the hot weather is here I decided to find them out for my 11 month old to wear with a vest so he can stay cool but still crawl around without getting sore knees! He loves them so much, and my toddler has now decided he likes them as arm warmers with a t-shirt so looks like a trip to the Pound store to get some more knee high socks to make more! Here is is wearing them with his PJs.

Hand made Baby Leg warmers by you.

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