88. Pollenta = Horrible, originally uploaded by ****Anna****.

Well, I have always wondered what it was like…Made it….seasoned it very well…added lots of herbs and garlic….tasted AWFUL!


89. Choc cupcakes, originally uploaded by ****Anna****.

Due to now being a student and a mummy, time for creativeness is harder to come by, so as a quick creeative fix, I decided to make cupcakes with Boo…nothing exciting or special to look at..but still chocolatey and yumminess!

52. Ta-Da!, originally uploaded by ****Anna****.

We made some papier mache today…have no idea what we will turn them into…possible planets…possibly heads for people!

Failed Blueberry Muffins!, originally uploaded by ****Anna****.

I LOVE Bluberry muffins, however my first attempt at making them was a total fail! Any ideas? I have never had the problem of things sinking to the bottom of my muffins before?

They still tasted gorgeous!

So much nicer made from scratch, here I used the JAmie oliver recipe for the burgers (minus the mustard as its one of the many things Boo is allergic to!) and home made onion rings. Baps made in the bread machine then baked in the oven..YUM!

15. My new recipe collection, originally uploaded by Annaelizc.

Decided to show off my new ‘vintage’ recipes. Cadbury, Blue Band Margarine, Peoples Friend and Womans Weekly! Can’t wait to get baking, there are some fab recipes, especially the chocolate cake ones.

‘Big Soup’!, originally uploaded by ****Anna****.

This is a fab way to use up leftover soup! Stir into some cooked pasta and even a small amount makes a really filling warm meal, perfect for coming inside to eat after playing in the snow all day!