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Here’s this weeks update of my farmyard animals! These are the finished ones, I have a couple of others which are waiting for eyes/other bits sewing on! Still a long way to go but I’m getting there. When I actually make the time to sit and concentrate on it it doesn’t take long at all to make each one.

More Farmyard Frolics by you.

Not the best photo as I was lying on the floor covered in glue, trying not to mess my camera up or get any (more) glue on the carpet!


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It’s still work in progress, i need to buy some straws and glue (and get some dark brown wool for the mane and tail) but I am loving how well my first animal is coming along

Alan Dart House WIP! by you.

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Ok, It has no eyes.

Eyes make him look like a dog, or a mouse, or a rabbit…. so I suppose it should still be WIP not TA-DA! but here is is anyway, my as good as finished caterpillar for my very nearly one year olds birthday!

Alfie's Caterpillar by you.

The pattern is from Augusts ‘Let’s knit’ magazine although I changed the wool, I used Patons DK Fab as it’s washable and can even be tumble dried, and with a one year old that is a must really!

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