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Shrinkles!, originally uploaded by ****Anna****.

A while ago now (actually probably a year ago!) I won a huge supply of craft items. Included in this was a pack of Shrinkles. I have looked at them a few times and thought Hmmm They look fun! but never really known what to do with them. Then whilst searching for a keyring to put on my work scissors in an attempt to identify them as mine stop them getting pinched I thought why not make one.

The results were much better than I expected. You just colour them in, cut them out, add a hole for a key ring and them put them in the oven for a few mins! The result is a very cute little plastic charm 7 times smaller and 7 times thicker than you started with…..now what else can I use them for……


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new charms, originally uploaded by Annaelizc.

Nothing completed this week, so I decided to show off my silver charm bracelet as I have had two new charms for it today.

I had it when I was christened and had a few charms as I was growing up, then started collecting them again at the beginning of this year when I discovered Split rings (hold charms on – no need for solder) and THIS amazing website! It has lots of different charms. However I have a ‘childs’ bracelet, so am limited which ones I can have and have to stick to the smaller ones (less than 2g in weight).

I have:

A Star – a present from Boo as he loves stars!

A Stork – A present with the bracelet when Christened (also think there was a heart which I lost!)

Clogs – A present from my Aunt (how also bought the bracelet) from a holiday

A Bunny – A present from Moo as it is identical to his comfort toy!

Mum – A Present from Boo & Moo for mothers day this year

Cat – In memory of my cat Willow who died suddenly this year

Owl – Another present from my Aunt (how also bought the bracelet) from a holiday

Victorian Boot – Present when I was young not sure who from

Garnet Heart – Valentines Day gift from Mr W

Yarn & Needles – Present from me to me because it was too cute not to!

Lobster – Present from Mr W because I’m his lobster! (Remember Pheobe in Friends???)

Ballerina – Present from my Mum & Dad years ago

Donkey – a cornish Donkey which was belonged to my mum

Welsh Lady – Present as a child no idea who/where from

Paint Tray and Roller – Present from Mr W to symbolise him!

Today I have added the wool & knitting needles . I have 15 charms now, I think I can fit 25 on. I would still love a camera, a flip flop, the initial A, a cornish pixie and a needle and thread, then I may progress to a ‘adult’ bracelet!

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Here are a few pictures I have added as Faves on Flickr recently, saving them for ‘inspiration’

Inspiration by you.

1. This picture of Vienna I found on a swapbot partners Flickr Photostream, I’ve saved it as we need to paint the back of our house (downstairs) and I can’t decide what colour to go for!

2. Oragami Hearts – One of my missi0n 101 goals is to make a piece of oragami, I like the look of these hearts so will have to find out how to make them.

3. Matchbox/buttons swap! – I LOVE Buttons (always have done) also would love to try a matchbox swap, this one looks fab.

4. Cupcakes 🙂 – I love cupcakes, really want to make some really pretty pink ones like this. However my  2yr old can’t have any artificial colours and also Beetroot (used in non-artificial colouring) so seems a bit cruel to make them when he can’t have them? May have to make him some white ones 🙂

5. ATCs – After looking on swapbot and Flickr, I’d love to give ATCs a go (could be my ‘new’ craft for my mission 101) I have someone from swapbot who is willing to trade with me so when I get chance (after the farm animals!!) I may give it a go.

6. How amazing is this play house???? I LOVE it! I’d love the boys to have a play house, although this one is maybe a little bit girly for them.

7. Charm Bracelet – I started collecting charms again for my silver charm bracelet last year, I would love it to be as full as this one 🙂

8. St Ives. I love it there. Hopefully we may be going for a short break in October and ultimately we would love to move to Cornwall/Devon (after I finish University!)

9. St Ives again.

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