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Here are the boys ‘Milestone Baubles’ (the four on the left are Boo’s/ the two on the right Moo’s).
Every Christmas I buy a bauble and on the bottom I write their name / the year / a milestone
e.g Boos read:
2006 – 3 months old
2007 – learnt to walk
2008 – learnt to talk
2009 – tbc as I am debating whether or not potty trained is appropriate!!!
Moo’s read
2008 – 4 months old
2009 – learnt to walk
Future Baubles examples could be ‘started nursery’ or ‘started school’ etc
The idea is by the time they are grown up and leave home they will have a box full of decorations each for their Christmas trees in their ‘first homes’. However in reality as they are both boys they probably won’t be bothered and I will keep them forever! Either way they are a nice memory to keep and look back on each Christmas.
They also have been bought decorations by their grandparents each year I have also labeled those with the year and who bought them and these will also go in their decorations box. They currently share a box however that is now full so as of next year they will need a nice box each. At the moment I display them on a garland which goes accross my fireplace, although this is also getting quite full so will need their own tree soon! I have a little tree I may put in their bedroom next year 😀

Milestone Baubles, originally uploaded by Annaelizc.


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Making our ‘Frosty’ Autumn Tree, originally uploaded by Annaelizc.

We have turned our ‘Halloween’ tree into a Frosty Autumn Tree, instead of a bonfire tree!

We collected lots of nice autumny leaves and then painted them (yes I know why spoil the lovely colours but Boo insisted on getting the paints out!) then added lots of glitter as ‘frost’. I does look very pretty in my dining room, however think it is going to disintegrate fast.

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