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A new craft

It’s been a while!

Just thought I would share a picture with you, I mentioned so much on here that I was desperate to learn crochet. I finally have! Well, I have learnt to make granny squares so far, but everyone has to start somewhere right?

I am attempting a blanket inspired by the colours in my Ikea Lusy Blom Rug


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Knitting needle Roll, originally uploaded by Annaelizc.

I desperately needed a knitting needle roll. I had a HUGE bag of needles which my mum gave to me (thank u 🙂 ), some were marked with imperial sizes, some where metric and some were US. Therefore everytime I wanted a different size needle I was searching through the bag for ages. So, despite feeling ill (Moos germs) I decided to make an extremely quick/rough attempt at one. The sewing is awful! I’m not very good on a sewing machine at the best of times but today I was more than awful. I wasn’t too bothered about how it looked as long as a) it sorted my needles out and b) it was done super quick so I could lie back down!

It has room for long needles/short needles/dpns/crochet hooks (and my circular needles fit in as well but have not put them in yet.

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