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Farmyard in action!, originally uploaded by Annaelizc.

Realised I had not yet posted a pic of the Alan Dart Farm animals complete so had to do this first before starting my NaBloPoMo!

Here they are the last time Boo was playing with them, there are more cows in the cowshed and another horse in the stables which you can’t see on the piccy. There are some chickens and a duck missing! Must be in their room somewhere.

I am halfway through another sheep but haven’t done any of it in a while.

Also Boo has requested a black duck as there are black ducks at the farm we visit and he wants one for his farm.


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Here’s this weeks update of my farmyard animals! These are the finished ones, I have a couple of others which are waiting for eyes/other bits sewing on! Still a long way to go but I’m getting there. When I actually make the time to sit and concentrate on it it doesn’t take long at all to make each one.

More Farmyard Frolics by you.

Not the best photo as I was lying on the floor covered in glue, trying not to mess my camera up or get any (more) glue on the carpet!

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Finally it arrived! (Total bent and squashed by useles postman – DO NOT BEND – its on there for a reason!!)

I can’t wait to make the nativity set, I have always wanted on and the one in the book is so cute. For now though its all about the farmyard, now I can get started on pigs and chickens. Sheep have been suspended. Snowflake yarn is a total nightmare, cannot get to grips with it at all !!

New Book by you.

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This is my biggest/ most ambitious project yet! I am making a Farmhouse/Farmyard and animals for my toddlers 3rd Birthday.

The farmhouse will be quilted and have a carry handle. It will store all the animals inside to carry around, but also fold out flat to make a farmyard to play with the animals on. I have no pattern for this!! It is just something I have ‘made up’ in my head and seemed a good idea at the time. It will be recycled as well! I will be using a cot bumper and the cover of his old playnest.

The animals are knitted and from pattern by Alan Dart called ‘Farmyard Frolics. I only have half of them at the moment and am waiting for his book to arrive with the rest of the patterns in.

I am starting with the horse, which so far seems not too difficult. I had never increased stitches before and have done three rows of increase without too many problems (had to undo one row!).

Farmyard Frolics Part 1

Farmyard Frolics Part 1

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