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Graveyard Cake!, originally uploaded by Annaelizc.

With all the decorations and dressing up for Halloween Boo decided it must be someones birthday and so we ‘had’ to have a cake! So we made a ‘graveyard cake’.

It is plain and chocolate sponge marbled together covered in chocolate and richtea bisuits decorated with black writing icing for the gravestones!


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Pumpkin carving!, originally uploaded by Annaelizc.

Today I¬†thought I would¬†share with you the pumpkin we carved for Halloween! We have saved the seeds (some to plant, some to use in bread, some to do some crafts with next week) and have puree’d the flesh but haven’t found a recipe I like yet!

The pictures are a step by step ‘How to!’

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Halloween, originally uploaded by Annaelizc.

We seem to really be celebrating this year!

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Halloween Tree!, originally uploaded by Annaelizc.

Here it is my Halloween tree! Made ever so simply by taking a branch of a tree and decorating with suitably spooky things! I was going to knit some decorations however I have a bit too much on at the moment so settled for shop bought decorations. I used the base for my christmas tree as a stand.

Here it is in the dark with the Ghost lights switched on:


Make one! I think everyone should have trees for more occasions, can’t wait until easter as I have big plans for an Easter tree lol!

Am contemplating turning this into a bonfire night tree next week, depends if I can get the boys to decorate some rockets etc, so watch this space?

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Yes I have been looking round Flickr getting more inspiration for things which I am unlikely to get chance to make (Have you seen the length of my things to make list???)

More inspiration! by you.

1 & 2 – Jeans Bags – I have a bag of Jeans which I have kept to make a Jeans bag out of, I love number 1 as it is quite big and practical for getting books in etc, although I also love the small style of number 2. Hmmmm decisions, decisions!

3 – Golf Club covers – My fiance would like me to knit him some covers for his ‘new’ clubs. No rush as he hasn’t actually saved up enough money for the new clubs yet!

4 – Whimsy/Hobby Jars – I love these Jars!! I have to have a go at making them as they are so cute. Especially the small pin cushion ones. Perhaps for some presents this year ?

5 – Arm Warmers – I ALWAYS have cold hands/arms. These are my next project after the farm animals

6 – Knitted Nativity Scene – I have always wanted a nativity scene so am going to knit one of these for Christmas as there is a pattern in my new Alan Dart Book

7 – Halloween Tree! – I love the idea of havin trees and decorations for other festivals, I wanted an Easter Tree but we were all ill over Easter, so we will definitely be having a Halloween Tree.

8 – Knitting Needle Roll – I love these and once I have a few more knitting needles in my collection I shall be making one of these to keep them in ( also want to make each of the boys a ‘crayon roll’ for in their stockings this year

9 – Fabric Envelopes – I need to make some of these as part of our new budget using the Envelope system. This one is for an ipod but I’m sure I could make the same Idea for Money!

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