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Yes I have been looking round Flickr getting more inspiration for things which I am unlikely to get chance to make (Have you seen the length of my things to make list???)

More inspiration! by you.

1 & 2 – Jeans Bags – I have a bag of Jeans which I have kept to make a Jeans bag out of, I love number 1 as it is quite big and practical for getting books in etc, although I also love the small style of number 2. Hmmmm decisions, decisions!

3 – Golf Club covers – My fiance would like me to knit him some covers for his ‘new’ clubs. No rush as he hasn’t actually saved up enough money for the new clubs yet!

4 – Whimsy/Hobby Jars – I love these Jars!! I have to have a go at making them as they are so cute. Especially the small pin cushion ones. Perhaps for some presents this year ?

5 – Arm Warmers – I ALWAYS have cold hands/arms. These are my next project after the farm animals

6 – Knitted Nativity Scene – I have always wanted a nativity scene so am going to knit one of these for Christmas as there is a pattern in my new Alan Dart Book

7 – Halloween Tree! – I love the idea of havin trees and decorations for other festivals, I wanted an Easter Tree but we were all ill over Easter, so we will definitely be having a Halloween Tree.

8 – Knitting Needle Roll – I love these and once I have a few more knitting needles in my collection I shall be making one of these to keep them in ( also want to make each of the boys a ‘crayon roll’ for in their stockings this year

9 – Fabric Envelopes – I need to make some of these as part of our new budget using the Envelope system. This one is for an ipod but I’m sure I could make the same Idea for Money!


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