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One of my mission 101 goals is to do 3 ‘Lists of 100’ I have adapted one to fit in with this blog, as I have a HUGE things to make list anyway I thought I would extend it even further into a list of 100.

 100 (Creative) Things I would do if I had time.

 [001/100]     Knitting Needle Roll                                              COMPLETED HERE

[002/100]     Crayon Roll

[003/100]     Baby Food Jar Pin Cushion

[004/100]     Party Tree Lights

[005/100]     Fingerless Gloves                                  COMPLETED HERE

[006/100]     Christmas cake

[007/100]     Easter 2010 Tree Decorations

[008/100]     Fingerless Gloves (gift)

[009/100]     Arm Warmers for Boo

[010/100]     Patchwork Quilt

[011/100]     Hobby Gift Jars

[012/100]     Jeans Bag

[013/100]     New Custom Header for Blog

[014/100]     Aprons for boys

[015/100]     Golf Club covers for Mr W

[016/100]     Noah’s Ark & Animals for Boo & Moo

[017/100]     Broccoli Soup                                           COMPLETED HERE

[018/100]     Alan Dart Nativity Set

[019/100]     Jam

[020/100]     Nigella’s Chocolate Pear Pudding

[021/100]     Fabric Money Envelopes

[022/100]     Painted Mirror Picture

[023/100]     Slip Stitch Blanket

[024/100]     Recipe Box

[025/100]     Knitted cakes

[026/100]     Storage bags for Toys

[027/100]     Mary Jane Slippers (gift)

[028/100]     Knitted Christmas Puddings

[029/100]     Knitted Hot water bottle cover (gift)

[030/100]     Nappy Cake (Need someone to have a baby first!!)

[031/100]     Saartje’s Bootees                              COMPLETED HERE       

[032/100]     Decoupage Table for boy’s room

[033/100]     Carrot Cake with frosting

[034/100]     Remodel my lounge light fitting

[035/100]     Diagonal Baby Blanket

[036/100]     Crochet Baby Blanket

[037/100]     Shawl

[038/100]     Christmas ‘Ivy’ Tree with lights for front Garden

[039/100]     Family Tree Book for Boys

[040/100]     Felt Weather Chart for Boys

[041/100]     Reward Chart for Boo

[042/100]     Add Stars to Bunting for Boys Room

[043/100]     Glass painting jars for candles

[044/100]     Stitch Markers                                                       COMPLETED HERE

[045/100]     Decorate Jute Knitting Bag

[046/100]     Peg Dolls (as a craft to do with the boys)

[047/100]     Cookies for Santa Jars

[048/100]     Cookie Gift Jars (gift)

[049/100]     Bed warmer (gift)

[050/100]     Nigellas Christmas Morning Muffins               COMPLETED HERE

[051/100]     Breakfast Loaf

[052/100]     Chilli & Coconut Loaf

[053/100]     Repair Boys Memory Boxes

[054/100]     Resin Fridge Magnets

[055/100]     Frosting above Front Door

[056/100]     Children’s Garden outside backdoor

[057/100]     Personalised Christmas Crackers

[058/100]     Christmas Character with gifts in for Boxing Day

[059/100]     Jamie O Christmas Gravy                                         COMPLETED HERE

[060/100]     Tea Cosy

[061/100]     Jammy Dodgers                                                            COMPLETED HERE

[062/100]     Gnocchi

[063/100]     Pasta

[064/100]     Wellie Bag for Moo & Boo

[065/100]     Mince Pies                                           COMPLETED HERE

[066/100]     Mulled Wine

[067/100]     Window Boxes for Front Garden

[068/100]     Christmas Holly Wreath (Front Door)

[069/100]     Decorated herb/plant pots for kitchen – For all year salad/herb/veg

[070/100]     Felt & Fabric Heart Decorations for Valentines

[071/100]     Paper Lanterns

[072/100]     Moroccan Spice Loaf

[073/100]     Crumpets

[074/100]     Leek & Potato Soup                         COMPLETED HERE

[075/100]     Painted Picture Frames to match Staircase walls

[076/100]     Broach Gift Toppers

[078/100]     Magic Bottles (craft with the boys)               COMPLETED HERE

[079/100]     3 tier tin Serving piece

[080/100]     Shoe bench & Coat Hooks

[081/100]    Origami Christmas Gift Tags

[082/100]     Soy Wax Shot Glass Candles

[083/100]     Apple Cake

[084/100]     Book Sling for top Bunk

[085/100]     Paper Snowflake Decorations                COMPLETED HERE

[086/100]     Cork Board Frames

[087/100]     Cake Stand

[088/100]     Hand Print Plates

[089/100]     Kirstie’s Christmas Salt Dough Decorations           COMPLETED HERE

[090/100]     Gift Hampers                                                                       COMPLETED HERE

[091/100]     WashCloth/Facecloth Cupcakes

[092/100]     Socktails / Pint o’socks

[093/100]     Ice cream

[094/100]     PJ Fairy Pjs

[095/100]     Gift Baskets

[096/100]     Magnet Picture Frame

[097/100]     Windmills (as a craft to do with the boys)

[098/100]     Bed Caddy

[099/100]     Waldorf style dolls for Boo and Moo

[100/100]     Drawing Station for Boys pencils and crayons

And there is more! Sometimes there is just so much inspiration about I just have to keep adding ideas 😀

Paper Doll kits

Fabric Alphabet

Knitted Advent Calender

Papier Mache

Sock Monster


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I was informed that 36yr old men DO NOT ‘celebrate birthdays. I decided to ignore this though and discovered that they do love chocolate!!

Yesterday I made Vonnie’s Caramels Slices (Millionaires shortbread) although my tin was too long so it was a little bit thin. Disadvantage of making it the day before, the boys eat a fair bit of it before their dad got a chance to even see it (ok I may have had a slice as well)!

Millionaires shortbread by you.

Then today I made a chocolate birthday cake! It was just a basic sponge sandwich with melted chocolate spread between the layers and then covered in melted choclate and decorated with Icing pens, quick but very yummy!

Pauls birthday cake by you.

Both went down very well at our birthday tea!

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I usually only post Handmade/craft things on this blog, but had to post this as although it is something different it is still craft related!

My latest Swapbot swap was to send a list the ‘A-Z of blogging’ giving a blog for 24 letters of the alphabet. Here is mine, there are some really good craft ones which I visit and them a few random ones I found for the letters I had left 🙂 (I tried to find 26 but couldn’t get one for X or Z)

A-Z of Blogging

A-Z of Blogging

A – Adventures of a Lady in Training (http://www.blottedcopybook.co.uk/) – There are some REALLY yummy recipes in this blog
B – Babylonglegs (http://babylonglegs.blogspot.com/) A Knitting Blog
C – Cuteable (http://cuteable.com/) – Cute Stuff Blog!!
D – Domestic House Kat (http://domestic-housekat.blogspot.com/) – Creative/craft/sewing stuff
E – Epheriell Designs (http://www.epherielldesigns.com/) – Homemade, Indie Crafty Stuff
F – Flossie Teacakes (http://flossieteacakes.blogspot.com/) Craft, Sewing and Fabrics blog
G – Gastro Kids (http://customcom.typepad.com/gastrokid/) Healthy Eating for kids
H – Handmade with Love (https://annaelizc.wordpress.com/) – My Crafty Blog!!!
I – I’m a Ginger Monkey (http://imagingermonkey.blogspot.com/) – Sewing
J – JellyBelly * Jelly Brain (http://wwwjellybelly-jellybrain.blogspot.com/) – Photography & Life stuff
K – Knitted Toys (http://knittedtoys.blogspot.com/) -Knitted Toys Blog (my new craft so I have a few of these sorry!)
L – Little Birds Fly (http://littlebirdsfly.blogspot.com/) – Sewing
M – Multicrafty (http://multicrafty.wordpress.com/) – Craftyness Stuff
N – Nini Makes (http://ninimakes.typepad.com/nini_makes/) – Crafts and tutorials
O-Out of the Crayon Box (http://outofthecrayonbox.blogspot.com/) – Another Creative/Crafty Blog
P – Plum Pudding (http://myplumpudding.blogspot.com/) – Craft/Recipes/Kids stuff
Q – Queen Mother Blog (http://www.queenmotherblog.com/) Saving money keeping house – found for this swap!
R – Rusty Rocket (http://rustyrocket.wordpress.com/) – A sewing blog I found on my Tag surfer for the purpose of this swap!
S – Scrumdilly Do! (http://scrumdillydo.blogspot.com/) – Childrens craft stuff
T – Tiny White Daisies (http://tinywhitedaisies.blogspot.com/) More sewing!!
U – UK Handmade (http://ukhandmade.blogspot.com/) – Craftiness again!!!
V – Victoria Sandwich (http://victoriasandwich.blogspot.com/) – Craftiness and cooking
W – Whispering Pine (http://www.whisperingpine.org/) – Another Knitting Journal 
X – Couldn’t Find one! 
Y – You Sew Girl (http://nicolemdesign.blogspot.com/) – Another Sewing blog! 
Z -Couldn’t find one! 

Thank-you if I used your blog! I enjoy reading them!!

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