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Patches!, originally uploaded by Annaelizc.

A long overdue quilt update!

Since making a plan for my quilt I have progressed a lot better and now have some ‘flowers’ to show you.

I have been concentrating mainly on the blues, but did a couple of red ones as well.


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Finally a plan, originally uploaded by Annaelizc.

Finally I decided to make a plan for my quilt, colour not exact but I know what it means!
Black = Chocolate Brown
Blue = Various different Blues
Green = Lime & Sage Greens (Various Patterns)
Pink = Various Red Patterns

I used hexagon graph paper downloaded from here

Now I have a plan I realise that I don’t need anywhere near as much of each fabric as I originally thought!

My plan now is to make up the flowers first them add all the chocolate patches when I make it all up.

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Last night I decided to get some patches made up of 3 seperate fabrics so I could start to get an idea of what this quilt is going to look like. I only managed 20 patches (had a lot of competitions to enter – but thats for my LJ not here! also running out of hexagons!) but it was enough for 3 flowers, I’m not definitely decided that the finished quilt will be set out in flowers like this, possibly a large diamond surrounded by flowers, need to plan everything yet. But here it is!

More quilt progress by you.

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