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This morning when we got up my eldest toddler announced his Teddy bed was poorly and needed a bed (and he needed one immediately)!

 So I decided to put to good use some squares I knitted a few years ago. They were for a huge throw from one of those partwork things you collect. I didn’t finish it as I lost interest in it when I worked out how much it was going to cost!!

We used a shoebox for the bed (do intend to get him a real bed when I see one) and made a pillow from a baby sheet and stuffed with toy stuffing. It has kept him occupied all morning!

Project:Make Ted a Bed! by you.


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Freecycle is amazing! I mostly use it to get rid of things I no longer want – clothes and baby things mainly, but I have also had some brilliant things gifted to me from freecycle as well. My Breadmaker, for example was a Freecycle gift!

Today I was lucky enough to be gifted a HUGE bag of wool, by a very kind lady called Jean.  There was allsorts in there, lots of wool suitable for the farmyard animals (including dark brown which I have been after for my first horses mane). There are lots of bright colours which will be nice for some more toys. Also there are 5 balls of mohair in gorgeous colours, but I have no idea what to do with that yet?

Freecycle is fab! by you.

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