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Knitting needle Roll, originally uploaded by Annaelizc.

I desperately needed a knitting needle roll. I had a HUGE bag of needles which my mum gave to me (thank u ūüôā ), some were marked with imperial sizes, some where metric and some were US. Therefore everytime I wanted a different size needle I was searching through the bag for ages. So, despite feeling ill (Moos germs) I decided to make an extremely quick/rough attempt at one. The sewing is awful! I’m not very good on a sewing machine at the best of times but today I¬†was more than awful. I wasn’t too bothered about how it looked as long as a) it sorted my needles out and b) it was done super quick so I could lie back down!

It has room for long needles/short needles/dpns/crochet hooks (and my circular needles fit in as well but have not put them in yet.


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september 2009 004, originally uploaded by Annaelizc.

My original plan was to make a fold out farmyard bag to go with the knitted animals for Boo’s 3rd Birthday. However his Nan decided to buy him a wooden farmyard so I abandoned that idea and decided to just make a storage bag for all of the animals and the detachable parts of the farm yard.

I shall be posting pictures of the finished animals as soon as I round them all up! They have proved to be very popular with both Boo and Moo and even Mr W’s 8yr old son has even spent a lot of time playing with them!

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Yes I have been looking round Flickr getting more inspiration for things which I am unlikely to get chance to make (Have you seen the length of my things to make list???)

More inspiration! by you.

1 & 2 – Jeans Bags – I have a bag of Jeans which I have kept to make a Jeans bag out of, I love number 1 as it is quite big and practical for getting books in etc, although I also love the small style of number 2. Hmmmm decisions, decisions!

3 – Golf Club covers – My fiance would like me to knit him some covers for his ‘new’ clubs. No rush as he hasn’t actually saved up enough money for the new clubs yet!

4 – Whimsy/Hobby Jars – I love these Jars!! I have to have a go at making them as they are so cute. Especially the small pin cushion ones. Perhaps for some presents this year ?

5 – Arm Warmers – I ALWAYS have cold hands/arms. These are my next project after the farm animals

6 – Knitted Nativity Scene – I have always wanted a nativity scene so am going to knit one of these for Christmas as there is a pattern in my new Alan Dart Book

7 – Halloween Tree! – I love the idea of havin trees and decorations for other festivals, I wanted an Easter Tree but we were all ill over Easter, so we will definitely be having a Halloween Tree.

8 – Knitting Needle Roll – I love these and once I have a few more knitting needles in my collection I shall be making one of these to keep them in ( also want to make each of the boys a ‘crayon roll’ for in their stockings this year

9 – Fabric Envelopes – I need to make some of these as part of our new budget using the Envelope system. This one is for an ipod but I’m sure I could make the same Idea for Money!

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I have just taken part in a Newbies Swap on Swapbot and have received an absoultely wonderful profile surprise from Ilona!

A Pig Needle book!!! I love it so much it’s perfect, I love sewing and do not have one.

It’s so cute, here are some pictures:

My fab Piggy Needlebook from Ilona on Swapbot by you.

My fab Piggy Needlebook from Ilona on Swapbot by you.

Thank-you Ilona!

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This is my biggest/ most ambitious project yet! I am making a Farmhouse/Farmyard and animals for my toddlers 3rd Birthday.

The farmhouse will be quilted and have a carry handle. It will store all the animals inside to carry around, but also fold out flat to make a farmyard to play with the animals on. I have no pattern for this!! It is just something I have ‘made up’ in my head and seemed a good idea at the time. It will be recycled as well! I will be using a cot bumper and the cover of his old playnest.

The animals are knitted and from pattern by Alan Dart called ‘Farmyard Frolics. I only have half of them at the moment and am waiting for his book to arrive with the rest of the patterns in.

I am starting with the horse, which so far seems not too difficult. I had never increased stitches before and have done three rows of increase without too many problems (had to undo one row!).

Farmyard Frolics Part 1

Farmyard Frolics Part 1

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I usually only post Handmade/craft things on this blog, but had to post this as although it is something different it is still craft related!

My latest Swapbot¬†swap was to send a list the ‘A-Z of blogging’ giving a blog for 24 letters of the alphabet. Here is mine, there are some really good craft ones which I visit and them a few random ones I found for the letters I had left ūüôā (I tried to find 26 but couldn’t get one for X or Z)

A-Z of Blogging

A-Z of Blogging

A РAdventures of a Lady in Training (http://www.blottedcopybook.co.uk/) РThere are some REALLY yummy recipes in this blog
B – Babylonglegs (http://babylonglegs.blogspot.com/) A Knitting Blog
C – Cuteable (http://cuteable.com/) – Cute Stuff Blog!!
D – Domestic House Kat (http://domestic-housekat.blogspot.com/) – Creative/craft/sewing stuff
E – Epheriell Designs (http://www.epherielldesigns.com/) – Homemade, Indie Crafty Stuff
F – Flossie Teacakes (http://flossieteacakes.blogspot.com/) Craft, Sewing and Fabrics blog
G – Gastro Kids (http://customcom.typepad.com/gastrokid/) Healthy Eating for kids
H РHandmade with Love (https://annaelizc.wordpress.com/) РMy Crafty Blog!!!
I – I’m a Ginger Monkey (http://imagingermonkey.blogspot.com/) – Sewing
J – JellyBelly * Jelly Brain (http://wwwjellybelly-jellybrain.blogspot.com/) – Photography & Life stuff
K – Knitted Toys (http://knittedtoys.blogspot.com/) -Knitted Toys Blog (my new craft so I have a few of these sorry!)
L – Little Birds Fly (http://littlebirdsfly.blogspot.com/) – Sewing
M – Multicrafty (http://multicrafty.wordpress.com/) – Craftyness Stuff
N – Nini Makes (http://ninimakes.typepad.com/nini_makes/) – Crafts and tutorials
O-Out of the Crayon Box (http://outofthecrayonbox.blogspot.com/) – Another Creative/Crafty Blog
P – Plum Pudding (http://myplumpudding.blogspot.com/) – Craft/Recipes/Kids stuff
Q – Queen Mother Blog (http://www.queenmotherblog.com/) Saving money keeping house – found for this swap!
R – Rusty Rocket (http://rustyrocket.wordpress.com/) – A sewing blog I found on my Tag surfer for the purpose of this swap!
S – Scrumdilly Do! (http://scrumdillydo.blogspot.com/) – Childrens craft stuff
T – Tiny White Daisies (http://tinywhitedaisies.blogspot.com/) More sewing!!
U – UK Handmade (http://ukhandmade.blogspot.com/) – Craftiness again!!!
V – Victoria Sandwich (http://victoriasandwich.blogspot.com/) – Craftiness and cooking
W РWhispering Pine (http://www.whisperingpine.org/) РAnother Knitting Journal 
X – Couldn’t Find one!¬†
Y РYou Sew Girl (http://nicolemdesign.blogspot.com/) РAnother Sewing blog! 
Z -Couldn’t find one!¬†

Thank-you if I used your blog! I enjoy reading them!!

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Last night I decided to get some patches made up of 3 seperate fabrics so I could start to get an idea of what this quilt is going to look like. I only managed 20 patches (had a lot of competitions to enter – but thats for my LJ not here! also running out of hexagons!) but it was enough for 3 flowers, I’m not definitely decided that the finished quilt will be set out in flowers like this, possibly a large diamond surrounded by flowers, need to plan everything yet. But here it is!

More quilt progress by you.

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