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It’s still work in progress, i need to buy some straws and glue (and get some dark brown wool for the mane and tail) but I am loving how well my first animal is coming along

Alan Dart House WIP! by you.


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Last night I decided to get some patches made up of 3 seperate fabrics so I could start to get an idea of what this quilt is going to look like. I only managed 20 patches (had a lot of competitions to enter – but thats for my LJ not here! also running out of hexagons!) but it was enough for 3 flowers, I’m not definitely decided that the finished quilt will be set out in flowers like this, possibly a large diamond surrounded by flowers, need to plan everything yet. But here it is!

More quilt progress by you.

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I decided to buy a rotary cutter to help speed up the patch cutting process for my quilt. I am so impressed! I wish I had bought one sooner. I got a Fiskar 45mm double safety one (so you have to press the button and then squeeze the handle for the blade to come out!). It’s amazing I only had a go with it for 5 mins and cut up quite a stack of patches considering the length of time. I can see myself getting a serious injury if i’m not careful so I will definitely be watching what I’m doing!

Rotary Cutter by you.

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I am in the very slow progress of making a patchwork quilt. Well….actually two of them. The first is my ‘Christmas’ quilt. It has no connection to Christmas other than I think it would be really ‘Christmassy’ to cuddle up under a handmade quilt and watch Chritmas films on Christmas eve! The second is my ‘baby – memories’ quilt which is going to be made up of all bits of fabric from the childrens blankets, bedcovers, clothes etc a kind of memory box quilt.

Anyway I am currently going to start working on the ‘Christmas’ quilt again now as it is on my Mission 101 list and at the moment I don’t feel like 2.5yrs is long enough to do it so need to get my self into gear!

I do not have any pics I can show you yet of my progress as it is slow and all jumbled up at the moment, I can however share the fabric with you! I have also set myself the challenge of this being a ‘Recycled’ quilt, therefore no new fabric allowed! Everything I use will have either been given to me or purchased from charity shops/car boots or been something else before (i.e pillow cases, clothes etc).

It is going to be blues/yellows/greens

Fabric....... by you.


I also have a box full of 8cm Hexagons which took me forever to cut out but should hopefully last me a while, I used junk mail and old catalogue/magazine covers to make them – continuing the recycled theme!!

8cm Hexagon Templates by you.

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