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Freecycle is amazing! I mostly use it to get rid of things I no longer want – clothes and baby things mainly, but I have also had some brilliant things gifted to me from freecycle as well. My Breadmaker, for example was a Freecycle gift!

Today I was lucky enough to be gifted a HUGE bag of wool, by a very kind lady called Jean.  There was allsorts in there, lots of wool suitable for the farmyard animals (including dark brown which I have been after for my first horses mane). There are lots of bright colours which will be nice for some more toys. Also there are 5 balls of mohair in gorgeous colours, but I have no idea what to do with that yet?

Freecycle is fab! by you.

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Ok, It has no eyes.

Eyes make him look like a dog, or a mouse, or a rabbit…. so I suppose it should still be WIP not TA-DA! but here is is anyway, my as good as finished caterpillar for my very nearly one year olds birthday!

Alfie's Caterpillar by you.

The pattern is from Augusts ‘Let’s knit’ magazine although I changed the wool, I used Patons DK Fab as it’s washable and can even be tumble dried, and with a one year old that is a must really!

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The Mary Jane slippers were a little big big so I intended to try knitting a second pair a little bit smaller. However I was messing about with the free needles which came with August’s Let’s Knit Magazine and just cast on some stiches while I was watching a film and by the time the film had finished I had a pair of slippers!! Not Mary Jane’s this time more like ballet slippers.

The following morning I made the flowers to go on them. When I have worked out the pattern (I made it up) I shall post it on Ravelry.

They take hardly and wool to make and are much more summery than the other pair:

Ballet Flower SLippers by you.

Ballet Flower SLippers by you.

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